1. El Super Weekly Ad In El Paso Texas September 15 - 21, 2021

El Super Weekly Ad In El Paso Texas September 15 – 21, 2021

Take a look El Super Weekly Ad In El Paso Texas preview for September 15 – 21, 2021. The latest sale from el super grocery ad (9/15/21 – 9/21/21) can help you to save your money with the regular shopping items like Elote prices 3 Por/99c, Melon Chino prices 3lbs/99c, Pina Dulce prices 2lbs/99c, Pechuage de Pollp Entera Con Hueso prices 1.59lb, Milanesa o Bistec Para Freir de Res si Hueso prices 4.49lb, Queso Fresco prices 3.29lb Refrescos Pepsi prices 3 pr/$9.99, Agua Niagra prices 5 por/$10, Totopos Calidad prices 99c ea, and Botanas Cheetos or Fritos prices 1.99ea.

Buy for Seedless watermelon prices 5lbs/99c, Bananas prices 3lbs/99c, Green Limes prices 2lbs/99c, Round Tomato prices 2lbs/99c, Nectarines prices 2lbs/99c, Iceberg Lettuce prices 2por/99c, Red Seedless Grape prices 99c lb, and Russet Potato prices 2por/$3 from El Super.

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Here el super grocery ad valid from 9/15/21 until 9/21/21

El Super Weekly Ad In El Paso Texas Preview September 15 – 21, 2021

The new El Super weekly ad preview circular is here and you can see every page now on weeklyadsnews.com!

Here’s a selection of some of el super grocery ad (9/15 – 9/21). Check out some of our highlights below, complete with prices.

  1. Pasta La Moderna or salsa de Tomate Vine Ripe prices 3por/$1
  2. Cafe Instantaneo Nescafe prices 6.99ea
  3. Tortilla de Harina Guerrero prices 2.99ea
  4. Galletas Chiky prices 2.49ea
  5. Harina de Maiz Minsa prices 1.99ea
  6. Harina Pastel Betty Crocker prices 4por/$5
  7. Salsa de Tomato El Pato prices 3por/$2
  8. CerealGeneral Mills prices 3.49ea
  9. Galletas Salads Nabisco Ritz prices 2.49ea
  10. Tostadas El Paraiso prices 1.99ea
  11. and more
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Produce deals for el super grocery ad including Green Cactus Pears prices 5por/99c, White Onions prices 2lbs/99c, Green Limes prices 69c lb, Bartlett pers prices 2lbs/99c, Tomatillos pices 2lbs/99c, Bananas prices 2lbs/99c, Loose Carrot prices 2lbs/89c, Kiwi Fruit prices 3por/99c, and Persian Cucumbers prices 2lbs/99c.

Bakery and Tortilleria deals for El Super sale including Pan Dulce Sweet Bread prices 59c ea, Mantecadas Cupcakes prices 3.99ea, Totopos O Tostadas Caseras El Super prices 2.59ea, Tortilla de Harina O Trigo Entero El Super prices 1.29ea, Gelatina Mosaico prices 11.99ea, and Large Flour Square Snacks prices 1.99ea.

As additional information El Super Weekly Ad In El Paso Texas starts September 15 and expires on September 21. So don’t miss out this week’s deals offer from El Super Ad store 9/15 – 9/21.

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