How to Choose the Best Seeds for Our Plants

Any reliable seed house can be counted on to get good seeds; But even so, there is a high risk to the seeds. The seeds may be fine in all appearances, but do not have sufficient strength or vigor to produce a vigorous plant.

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If you are storing seeds from your plants, you can choose them carefully. Suppose you saved the seeds of the daisy plant. What flowers did you decide? Now it is not only the flower that you have to think about, but the whole plant. Why? Because the plant is weak and sporadic can produce one soft flower.

Looking at that very beautiful flower, you think of the countless beautiful plants that you will get from the seeds. However, there is a possibility that the seeds will not produce plants like the parent plant.

So in choosing seeds, all plants must be taken into account. Is it strong, sturdy, well-shaped and symmetrical? Does she have lots of pretty flowers? These are questions to ask in seed selection.

How to choose the best seeds for our plants minecraft


If you have the opportunity to visit a sowing garden, then here and there you will see a flower with a thread tied around it. These are the flowers chosen for seeds. If you look at the entire plant carefully, you will be able to see the points the gardener has in mind when he undertakes the work of his choice.

When it comes to seed selection, size is another thing to keep in mind. Now we have no way of telling anything about the plant from which this particular group of seeds comes. So we have to think carefully about the seed itself. And it is quite clear that there are several options; Some are much bigger than others; Some meat is too far. By all means, choose the largest and most complete seed.

And the reason is this: When you open the bean, which is also very real, inside the bean you see what looks like a young plant. There it is. Under the right conditions for its development, this “little season” grows on the familiar pea plant.

These young plants must depend on their initial growth on the food stored in the bean section. For this purpose, food is stored. Peanuts are not full of the good food and food you and I eat, but little pea plants thrive on them. Therefore if we choose big seeds, we choose more food for the plants. These young plants feed on this stored food until their roots are ready to do their job. So if the seeds are small and fluffy, and the first supply of food is insufficient, there is a chance that you will lose the young plants.

You may be interested to know the name of this pantry. Called cotyledons if there is only one part, cotyledons if there are two. Therefore we are helped to classify plants. Some cone-containing plants such as pine have many cotyledons. But most plants have one or two cotyledons.

From the large seed springs the strongest plant. This is why it is better and safer to choose large seeds. It is the exact same condition susceptible children do.

Often there are other problems with the seeds we buy. The problem is impurity. Sometimes the seeds are mixed with other seeds so that it is impossible to detect cheating in appearance. Very bad job, right? The seeds may be unclean. It is easy to find foreign body flakes with large seeds.

One can only take the seeds and clean them. Cleanliness means free from foreign matter. But if the young seeds are unclean, they are very difficult, and almost impossible, to clean.

The third thing to look for in seeds is viability. We know from our tests that well-thought-out seeds may not develop at all. There is a reason. The seeds may have been plucked before they were ripe. They may have frozen; And it’s probably very old. The seeds retain their ability to survive, or the ability to develop spores, for several years and then become useless. There is a survival limit in years which varies according to seed.

From the seed test, the percentage of seed germination was obtained. Now if the percentage is low then don’t waste time planting the seeds unless the seeds are small. Immediately you suspect this statement. Why does seed size make a difference? this is the reason.

When planting young seeds are usually planted in an auger. Most amateurs very thickly sow the seeds. So a large number of seeds were planted. And enough seeds will sprout from a nearby planting. So quantity replaces quality.

But take the case of large seeds, like corn for example. Plant some distant corn and some seeds somewhere. With the percentage problem planting method, germination is actually what matters most.

Small seeds that germinate fifty percent. They can be used but the percentage is very low. For large seeds. Suppose we are testing beans. The ratio is seventy. If you sow low vitality seeds, we will not be completely sure about the next seventy percent. However, if the seeds are lettuce, then continue planting.

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