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Hunting for Wildflowers in the Forest

The wild flower garden has a more interesting sound. One thinks of a tall forest flask, gathers materials, and then revels in repairing a wild garden that is so real.

Many people say that they are really unlucky in a park like that. It is not a matter of luck, but a matter of understanding, wildflowers are like humans and each has its own personality. What plants accustomed to in nature he always craved. In fact, when he was removed from his own living condition, he fell ill and died. This is enough to tell us that we must imitate nature itself. Suppose you are hunting wildflowers.

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When you pick a particular flower from the forest, pay attention to the soil in it, its location, conditions, environmentand neighbors.

Tips for wildflower hunting

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Suppose you find canine-toothed violets and windflowers near you. Then place it in your new garden. Suppose you find a certain violet that has an open position; Then it must always be the same. You get the point, don’t you? If you want wildflowers to grow in a poor garden, make them feel at home. Trick them into believing that they are still where they came from.

Wildflowers should be planted after their blooming time has passed. Take shovels and baskets into the woods with you. When you eat a little columbine, or liverwort, be sure to take with the roots some special plant soil, which should be packaged for replanting.

The beds where these plants will go must be carefully prepared before your trip. You don’t want to return these plants to wait day or night before planting. They have to go to new places one by one. The beds need deep, fertile forest soil and full of moldy leaves. The sewage system must be very good. So the plants do not get to the ground filled with water. Some people believe that all woody plants should have saturated soil. But the forest itself is not submerged. You may need to dig your lawn very deep and lay rocks in the bottom. Above this must be above ground. And above all that, where the topsoil is at one time or another, lies the new layer of fertile soil that you bring from the forest.

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Before planting, water the soil well. Then, when making a place to plant crops, put it in each hole in the soil belonging to the plant that will be placed there.

I thought it would be nice to have a garden of wildflowers that flower successively from early spring to late autumn; So let’s start with March, liver, spring beauty, and saxophone. Then April came with beautiful columbine, little blue, and wild geraniums. For the month of May there are dog-toothed violets, wood anemones, false Solomon’s seals, Jack in the pulpit, Robin awakened, root blood, and violets. June will give you bell flowers, mullein, bee balm and foxglove. I’ll be picking homeopathic butterfly potions for the month of July. Let the turtle head, starlet, Joe Pye grass, and Queen Anne’s lace make the rest of the season sparkle to frost.

Let’s get a little bit about the likes and dislikes about this plant. After you get started once, you will continue to add to this list of wildflowers.

There is no such thing as an unhappy person. Before spring really decides to come, this tiny flower is flapping her head and embarrassing everything. Under a blanket of dry leaves, flowers wait for the warm sunshine to let them out. This fetal flower is further protected by a mysterious covering. This is reminiscent of a similar protective covering for new fern leaves. In spring, liverworts waste no time acquiring new leaves. It kept the eldest doing it until blooming day came. Then the new sheet, I started checking before this, had a chance. They are late, ready to help next season. You will find hearts growing in groups, a kind of family group. These can most likely be found in a slightly exposed area in the forest. The soil is fertile and loose. So this should only be done in a partially shaded location and in good soil conditions. If other wood specimens are planted, give them the advantage of being slightly open, so they can catch the early spring sunshine. I have to cover the heart with a thin piece of leaf in the fall. During the last days of February, except for bad weather, get rid of these sheets. You will find liverworts ready to shake their heads.

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The beauty of spring barely allows the heart to advance from it. With dainty, pinkish white flowers, wiry cord stems, and narrow, grass-like leaves, you can’t go wrong with these spring blossoms. You will find the beauty of spring growing on large plots of open spaces. Plant some roots and let the sun have a good chance of reaching them. This plant loves the sun.

Another March flower mentioned is the saxophone. This belongs to a completely different kind of environment. It is a plant that grows in dry, rocky places. Often found in rock crevices. There is an old anecdote that the roots of the saxophone were woven around the rocks and continued until the rocks themselves split open. After all, it is a rock garden plant. I found it in dry, sandy places on the border of a large rock. It has clusters of white flowers that grow on hairy stems.

Columbine is another plant that is very likely to be found in rocky places. Stand under the ledge and look up at one or more Columbine plants here and there in the rocky crevices. The red head swayed on the slender trunk. Don’t get the roots too deep into the ground; In fact, they are often barely covered with soil. Now, just because columbine has very little soil, it doesn’t mean that it doesn’t care about soil conditions. Because it is always alive, and should always be, in good drainage conditions. I was wondering if it struck you, how healthy are healthy plants? Plenty of fresh air, good drainage, and good food are essential for plants.

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Studying these plants shows how easy it is to find out which one you like best. After learning their feelings, don’t make the mistake of putting them all together in a bad exchange.

I always have a personal blue emotional feeling. When they come, I always feel like things are now starting to settle down in the great outdoors. They began with rich, brilliant, delicate blue flowers. As June gets warmer, the colors fade a little, sometimes even looking dull and completely white. Some called them Quaker women while others were innocent by whatever name she was a magician. It grows in colonies, sometimes in sunny fields, and sometimes on roadsides. From this we learn that they are much more particular about the open sunshine around the ground.

If you love picking flowers and using them in bouquets, wild geraniums are not the flower for you. It drooped down very quickly after being plucked and its petals fell off almost instantly. But the purple flower is showy, and the leaves, although a little rough, are deeply cut. This last effect gives a certain courage to a rather attractive plant. The plants are found in the part of the forest which is slightly humid and partly shady. I love this plant in the garden. It always adds nice color and color during bloom time, because there is nothing to choose from.

There are a number and number of wildflowers that you might suggest. The things I have mentioned are not provided for the purposes of this flower guide, but with only one purpose in your understanding of how to study soil conditions for work in starting a wild flower garden.

If you are afraid of the outcome, take a flower or two and study only what you choose. Once you’ve mastered, or better yet, know a little, add another year to your garden. I think you will like your wild park better before you go through it. It’s a real study, you know.

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