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Easy Ways to Create a Living Room Furniture Layout

If you are planning to buy new furniture for your living room, chances are that you have already thought about designing the furniture in your mind or maybe you are thinking about repeating the same old design with just a new piece of furniture. In this article, I’m going to show you a simple way to create the most efficient design for your living room.

Before we start, there are a few things to keep in mind. The living room is always a transitional space. This means that the entrances to all the other rooms are located in the living room. The bedroom, dining room, kitchen, etc. can be accessed through the living room, therefore sufficient ‘circulation space’ is required for family members.

4 Quick And Easy Ways To Create A Living Room Furniture Layout

living room layout

So here’s what you can do to make the most efficient living room design.

1) Take the white paper plane. A4 size is also sufficient.
2) Draw a schematic diagram of your living room on this sheet. When drawing this plan it is important to point out the following in it.

  • Entrance
  • The entrance to another room
  • Window position
  • Small column projection (if any)
  • Swinging doors (into or out of the living room)
  • There are stairs
  • Burners (if any)

3) Take a pencil and draw a line starting from the entrance to all other door and window positions. This is a natural travel line for anyone using the living room. If the room is empty without any furniture, this is the line anyone would follow to get to another point in the living room.

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4) Now start placing furniture units such as three-seat sofa, single / double seat sofa, coffee table, lamp end table, bookshelf, TV unit, etc. Depending on your budget, you can purchase a number of these units.

When placing this unit, it will always be seen that the furniture is blocking the travel lines with the pencil drawn in the third step. But that’s fine for now. Now make as many combinations and arrangements as possible for the furniture modules. Think outside the box while doing this. Try doing something different.

Remember, if you try, you will easily find at least 10 layouts for the living room itself. You will be amazed at the many possible combinations. Also, imagine the furniture you already have or could you swap that table in the bedroom for another table in the living room.

How about keeping it vertical, not horizontal in the plan. Whatever you do, remember one thing. Always keep human diapers “unobstructed”. People passing from the living room to another room should be able to pass without distracting the view if you are talking to other people in the living room.

This is why pencil lines are drawn. After drawing furniture pieces on your living room plan, adjust the travel lines. Now the lines will be around the furniture, especially the corners. The travel lines will now take the shape of the furniture around the edges.

After this short exercise you will probably have 5 different layouts on paper. Decide where you see the following key points.

  1. The length of the travel line is the shortest.
  2. The travel line does not go past furniture.
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Apart from efficiency, there is another factor called visual balance in designing the layout of furniture. Finally it looks good on you. Are you comfortable with the final design? Visual balance is achieved by making use of all the walls of the living room with decorative elements such as paintings, color schemes, etc.

So if you follow the scheme from scratch, then you can definitely create a beautiful living room in the shortest possible time. I hope this article has helped you find more creative ways to do your job more efficiently.

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