1. El Super Weekly Ad In El Paso Tx September 29 - October 5, 2021

El Super Weekly Ad In El Paso Tx September 29 – October 5, 2021

Hi guys, Today new El Super Weekly Ad In El Paso Tx Preview for September 29 – October 5, 2021 has been published. The latest sale from el super ad el paso (9/29/21 – 10/5/21) can help you to save your money with the regular shopping items like Cafe Instano Nescafe prices 6.99ea, Galletas Cuetara prices 1.99ea, Heuvos Large White Eggs prices 2.99ea, Yogurt Bebible,Dannon or Activia or Yo Cruch prices2por/$1, Pan Bimbo prices 1.99ea, Refrescos Pepsi prices 3por/9.99, Fillete de Mojarra prices 2.97lb, and Camaron Blanco con Cabeza prices 3.47.

Buy for Sandia sin Semila prices 5lbs/99c, Aguacate Chico prices 3por/99c, Plantanos Bananas prices 3lbs/99c, Chile Jalapeno prices 3lbs/99c, Durazno Peaches prices 2lbs/99c, Manzana Gala prices 2lbs/99c, Repollo Verde prices 3lbs/99c, Chile Anahein prices 2lbs/99c, and Uvas Rojas sin Semilla prices 99c lb from El Super.

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Here el super ad el paso valid from 9/29/21 until 10/5/21

El Super Weekly Ad In El Paso Tx Preview September 29 – October 5, 2021

The new El Super weekly ad preview circular is here and you can see every page now on weeklyadsnews.com!

Here’s a selection of some of el super ad el paso sale (9/29 – 10/5). Check out some of our highlights below, complete with prices.

  1. Pasta La Moderna or Salsa De Tomate Vine Ripe prices 3por/$1
  2. Harina de Maiz Maseca prices 2por/$6
  3. Cereal Kellogg’s prices 3.49ea
  4. Galletas Bauducco prices 89c ea
  5. Frijoles Refritos or Mole or Salsa Para Pasta Ragu prices 2por/$5
  6. Panettone Bauducco prices 5.99ea
  7. Tortillas de Harina Ole Xtreme prices 2.49ea
  8. Totopos El Comal prices 3.99
  9. Tortillas De Harina Guerrero prices 1.99ea
  10. Cereal Post prices 1.49ea
  11. Gelatina viloe prices 5.99ea
  12. and more
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Piscaderia deals for el super ad el paso including Fillete de Pescado Swai prices 3.49lb, Camaron Clanco Extra Grande sin Cabeza prices 6.97lb, Mojarra Limpia Entera Whole Clean Tilapia prices 2.49lb, Camaron Blanco Grande sin Cabeza prices 5.97lb, Bagre Entero Mediano o Trocitos de Bagre prices 3.99lb, Camaron Limpio Sin cascara o Cocido con Cola prices 6.79lb, and Immitacion de Jaiba prices 2.97lb.

Frutas y Verduras deals for El Super sale including Frijol Pinto prices 79c lb, Cacahuate Tostado prices 1.99lb, Jamaica Dried Hibiscus prices 3.59lb, Canela de Sri Lanka prices 2.99ea, Aguacate Grande prices 2por/$3, Fresa Strawberry prices 2por/$3, Mango Extra Grade prices 2por/$3, Manzana fuji prices 79c lb, Zanahoria prices lbs/88c, and Pera Bartlet prices2lbs/99c.

As additional information El Super Weekly Ad In El Paso Tx Preview starts September 29 and expires on October 5. So don’t miss out this week’s deals offer from El Super Ad store 9/29 – 10/5.

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