20 Best Online Schools For Bachelor’s

It is evident that the economy is becoming increasingly global, because jobs now require special skills in international business. In earning a Bachelor in International Business, students emerge as highly qualified professionals equipped to conduct or manage business operations outside the local or national front.

Students can choose from online undergraduate programs that are now offered by schools across America. Online students enjoy the flexibility and convenience of a web-based education that doesn’t interfere with their work and other obligations.

An online bachelor’s degree in international business prepares students for careers in all sectors and industries. This course enables them to gain fluency in a foreign language and gain knowledge of international trade, global business processes, and industrial planning or development. As a result, international business majors operate in a wide variety of jobs in all sectors of business, government agencies, and international companies.

In 2021, The Following Are 20 Best Online Schools For Bachelor’s In International Business Degree Programs

With a BA in International Business, students also prepare to pursue postgraduate studies in complementary areas including public policy and law.


The top 20 online schools for undergraduate international business degree programs index academic institutions which, based on the quality of the education they offer and the students’ holistic learning experience, are highly recommended choices for prospective students. We highlight the respective accredited colleges and universities:

Online Bachelor’s program courses,
Affordable school fees,
Financial assistance options,
Registration Requirements,
And the level of acceptance.
As explained in this list, the school has excellent online professors who demonstrate their expertise in this area.
By citing degree results, we present how ready school graduates are for their future careers.

Information on the top 20 online schools for bachelor’s degrees in international business degree programs is sourced from the official websites of academic institutions as well as respected and impartial college data sources such as’s College Navigator.

1. Florida International University

Florida International University 1

Florida International University caters to a diverse group of students with world-class education awarding bachelor’s, master’s and doctoral degrees. For more than 75 years, FIU has been the largest university in South Florida offering 190 academic programs across 11 schools and colleges. R. Kirk Landon University School of Business FIU offers an online program for the Bachelor of Business Administration in International Business. Learn about the diversity of international business across multiple disciplines in this 120 credit hour course. Students can expect major courses in international marketing, finance and business taught by the best faculty and led by experts in international business law.

Campus and Location: Greater Miami, Florida

Accreditation: Southern Association of Colleges and Schools

Course form:

International Financial Management
Application of quantitative methods in business
Accounting for decisions
Tuition fees and expenses:

$ 212.71 per credit hour (in-country tuition fees)
$ 329.77 per credit hour (out-of-state tuition fee)
$ 30 registration fee
Types of Assistance: Federal and State Grants / Scholarships, Federal Direct Loans, PLUS Parent Loans, and Special / Alternative Loans

Acceptance Rate: 54%

Registration Requirements:

Future freshmen must submit an online application, official SAT or ACT scores, or official high school transcripts
Transfer students must submit online applications and official college transcripts high school transcripts and SAT or ACT scores for transfer students who have less than 60 transferable college credits
Output Degree:

Careers in consulting, human resources, marketing, sales, public relations, advertising, politics, government and administration await FIU’s online graduates in international business.



Columbia College was founded 160 years ago as a two-year Christian College for Women and then transferred to a four-year college that accepts both male and female students. With a student-faculty ratio of only 9: 1, Columbia College regards itself as a student-centered college offering both associate and undergraduate degree programs. Students pursuing a Bachelor of Arts in International Business can complete a 120 semester hour program completely online or at designated locations in the country. Columbia College’s online faculty ensures that its teaching technology meets the expectations of every student.

Universities and sites:

Columbia, Missouri – Main campus
30 locations in the United States and Cuba: Alabama, California, Colorado, Florida, Georgia, Illinois, Missouri, New York, Oklahoma, South Carolina, Texas, Utah, Washington, Guantanamo Bay, Cuba
Accreditation: Higher Education Commission

Course form:

Strategic management
work ethic
International Relations
Tuition: $ 375 per credit hour

Types of Assistance: Federal Financial Aid, State and Institutional Scholarships, Grants, and Private Student Loans

Acceptance rate: Open acceptance

Admission Requirements: Online students must complete the online admission application, submit identification authentication either online or in person, official high school transcripts and official grade reports.

Degree Results: Graduates of the International Business major at Columbia College are prepared to discover the social and cultural environment in which business is conducted.



Johnson and Wales Universities classify its education as experiential and action-oriented. With a history dating back to 1914, JWU offers industry-focused programs. JWU offers an online Bachelor of Science in Business Administration – International Business that prepares its students to move toward opportunities to take entry-level management positions in their careers. You can complete the program in 4 years, students work on a real-life project in an 11 week course and earn 180 credits for the degree.

Universities and sites:

Providence, Rhode Island Main Campus,
North Miami, Florida
Denver, Colorado and
Charlotte, North Carolina
Accreditation: New England Commission on Higher Education

Typical courses:

International culture and protocol
International Resource Management
International Business Law
External financing
Tuition: $ 330 ($ 1,485 for each 4.5 credit course)

Types of Assistance: JWU Academy Online Education Scholarships, Federal Bell Scholarships, and Military Education Assistance Programs

Acceptance rate: 88%

Registration Requirements:

Students must submit their free application, sign the electronic transcript application form and their CV

Degree Outcome: Bachelor of Science in Business Administration – International Business Program enables graduates to demonstrate appropriate strategic recommendations, communication and decision-making to a diverse audience in the global community

4. Fort Hays State University


As a pioneer in higher education institutions in the Midwest and coeducational public universities, Fort Hays State University continues to immerse innovation in its education. Fort Hays State University has its roots in 1902 and has gone through many changes before becoming a comprehensive regional university. Among its various academic programs is the Bachelor of Business Administration majoring in Business Administration and International Economics which is offered either entirely online or on campus. Its 121 credit hour curriculum is structured across business courses. Students must also select 27 credit hours of elective courses with a focus on economics or finance courses.

Campus and Website: Hays, Kansas

Accreditation: Higher Education Commission

Typical courses:

Department of Business Administration and International Economics
Production and Operations Management
Comparative culture and society
Tuition fees and expenses:

$ 218.67 per credit hour – tuition fees
$ 30 entry fee
Kind of help

Loans, grants, scholarships, and job financing from university, federal, state and private sources

Acceptance Rate: 89%

Admission Requirements: Students are required to apply for online and official school transcripts.

Output Degree:

Upon completion of the degree program, graduates will enhance their knowledge and understanding of the culture, customs, geography, politics and languages ​​prevailing in the global market environment.

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5. New England College Business

New England College Business

The New England College of Business was originally founded as an American banking institution offering associate degree programs and later expanded business-focused programs towards master’s and bachelor’s degrees. If a career in global business interests you, the NECB has a complete online program just for you. The Bachelor of Science in International Business uses a competitive and dynamic approach to studying critical global problems, the global business environment, and international economic trends. This program is perfect for non-traditional students looking to expand their knowledge in this rapidly changing global market.

Campus and Website: Boston, Massachusetts

Accreditation: New England Commission for Higher Education, Inc.

Course form:

Global Strategic Management (Capstone)
International negotiations and culture
International business and trade
Tuition fees and expenses:

$ 1,455 per course
$ 50 one-time undergraduate application
$ 75 Per Course – Online Resources
Types of assistance:

Federal Bill Scholarship Program, Federal Stafford Loan Program, and Federal Plus Loan Program

Registration Requirements:

Register online via the student registration portal
Official document
Score 75% on the placement test in English and Mathematics
Degree Output: The New England College of Business International Business Online Program helps graduates achieve their career goals either in working for multinational companies or running their own global business. The program also prepares graduates interested in consulting work in government agencies dealing with international regulatory issues.

6. Minot State University


The third largest university in North Dakota started as a regular school in 1913. In 1987 the school was converted into a university. One of the advantages of joining Minot State University’s premier program in international business is the opportunity to participate in seven student-run business clubs and organizations, and train in a financial trading lab dedicated to enhancing individual skills and building stimulating activities necessary for career growth. and progress. Its business school is accredited by the International Accreditation Council for Business Education (IACBE).

Campus and Website: Minot, North Dakota

Accreditation: Higher Education Commission

Course form:

The legal environment for business
International Business Strategy
Management information System
Tuition fees and expenses:

Annual tuition based on 12 credit hour enrollment – $ 7,064

Application Fee: $ 35

Types of Assistance: Gift-funded university scholarships, federal and state grants, and federal loans

Acceptance Rate: 69%

Admission requirements: Students must apply for online and official transcripts

Program options:

Fundamentals of management
Global Business
International culture and management
Output Degree:

Graduates with a BA in International Business from Minot State University enjoy a variety of career opportunities in economics or finance and are likely to be highly paid. They can also find jobs in marketing and public relations for corporations and multinational corporations.

7. Liberty University


Liberty University integrates Christian values ​​into more than 600 academic offerings on its campus in Lynchburg, Virginia and curates them online. For nearly 50 years, Liberty University has trained its students through hands-on learning through state-of-the-art academic facilities. Liberty University Online has more than 250 programs including the Bachelor of Science in Business Administration – International Business which are ideal for students who wish to learn more about global trade between countries without having to attend bench classes. You can get a degree in 3.5 years. Liberty University guarantees a high-quality and affordable education.

Campus and Website: Lynchburg, Virginia

Accreditation: Association of Colleges and Schools Commission of the South

Course form:

Industry and Global Operations
Strategic Planning / Business Policy
organizational behavior
Tuition fees and expenses:

$ 390 full time per hour; $ 455 part time per hour
A $ 50 one-time registration fee is waived for eligible service members, veterans, and military spouses
$ 199 Per Semester – Technology Fees
Types of Assistance: Federal and state grants and loans, scholarship and fellowship programs, and online university scholarships

Acceptance rate: 30%

Registration Requirements:

Application for admission
Unofficial university transcripts with a completed official transcript application form **
Middle school self-certification form
Proof of proficiency in English
Degree Results: Graduates with a Bachelor of International Business from Liberty University have the opportunity to define their careers in global management, transportation, international shipping, mission ministries, the tourism industry, and professionals in federal, state and local trade.

8. Oral Roberts University

Oral Roberts University is a comprehensive university offering programs in the fields of education, business, science, engineering, nursing, ministry and social work. This Christian university provides affordable “full person” education and gives students the freedom to study year-round to complete their degree at the speed they want. Belonging to the highest degree is the ACBCP-accredited online Bachelor of Science in Business Administration with an emphasis on International Business. Apart from economics, finance, technology and marketing, Oral University integrates Christian faith and service into this program to ensure that it is a “complete education for the person”. This program requires a total of 128 credit hours.

Campus and Website: Tulsa, Oklahoma

Accreditation: Higher Education Commission

Course form:

work law
Financial management
Strategic management
Tuition fees and expenses:

$ 385 per credit hour
$ 35 registration fee (online application exception)
Types of assistance: state, federal aid, grants, and grants

Acceptance rate: 93%

Admission requirements: Students must submit an application, submit official transcripts and standardized test scores.

Degree Outcomes: Graduates of the Bachelor of Science in Business Administration with an emphasis on International Business programs have the opportunity to apply knowledge and practice in negotiating internationally and running their own business. Some may take this degree as a stepping stone to a master’s degree in any related field.

9. Minnesota State University

Minnesota State University is the flagship and second oldest member of the Minnesota State Colleges and Universities System. It was originally built as an ordinary Mankato School with only 27 students. Currently, it admits more than 15,000 students with more than 130 study programs at its six academic colleges. Its advanced undergraduate education provides off-campus and online programs including international business administration. This interdisciplinary program provides students with unique experiences through their advanced practice in marketing, finance, management, export and other disciplines. Students should note that business courses are available during fall, spring and summer.

Campus and Website: Mankato, Minnesota

Accreditation: Higher Education Commission

Course form:

The legal environment for business
Professional preparation for positions in business
Export department
Tuition fees and expenses:

$ 317 per credit hour, from 1 to 11 credit hours
USD 41.74 per surcharge credit
$ 40 for non-refundable applications
Types of Assistance: Federal and State Scholarships, University Grants, Work Study Programs, Direct Federal Loans, Military Veterans, Student Athletes, and Third Party Payments

Acceptance Rate: 61%

Admission requirements: Applicants must submit an online application, upload transcripts, test scores and immunization forms prior to registration

Degree Outcomes: Graduates can apply new knowledge and understanding to the practice of international marketing and business majors in their pursuit of innovation and entrepreneurship.

10. Southern New Hampshire University


Southern New Hampshire University serves 3,000 students on campus and more than 90,000 students online making it one of the fastest growing universities in the country. Today, SNHU offers more than 200 programs in the fields of business, education, liberal arts, STEM and social sciences studies. SNHU offers several degree options for non-traditional students through the Online and Continuing Education Schools. You can enroll in the full online major of International Business with a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration program. Students complete 120 credit hours to earn the degree.

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Campus and Location: Manchester, New Hampshire.

Accreditation: New England Commission on Higher Education

Typical courses:

Global financial system
Multinational marketing
International Business Projects
Tuition fees and expenses:

$ 320 per credit hour
$ 150 graduation fee
The cost of lecture materials is in accordance with the course
Types of Assistance: Federal and State Grants, Student Loans, and Scholarships

Acceptance Rate: 78%

Entry requirements: Complete the online application, no SAT, GMAT or GRE tests required

Degree Outcome: Bachelor of Business Administration in International Business prepares graduates in the application of management principles and strategies in political, economic, social and environmental issues in global organizations.



The University of Houston – Downtown has been around for more than 40 years providing education to students in culturally diverse areas and nationally distant students. UHD is a member of the University of Houston System and is the second largest university in Houston. The UHD College is made up of five academic colleges including the School of Business which offers a Bachelor of Business Administration degree program with a focus on International Business. Students must complete 120 semester hours within the recommended 4 year timeframe. Classes can be completed online asynchronously and students are free to explore the course platform that’s right for them.

Campus and Website: Houston, Texas

Accreditation: Association of Colleges and Schools Commission of the South

Typical courses:

Global environmental problems in business
Intercultural communication
Global business development
Tuition fees and expenses:

$ 6,452 tuition fees based on 12 hour enrollment
$ 1,232 for books and supplies
Non-refundable $ 50 application fee
Types of Assistance: Federal and State Grants, Loans, Work Study Programs, Hazlewood Veterans, Scholarships, Waivers and Waivers, Gator Pledge

Acceptance Rate: 84%

Entry requirements: Prospective students must complete the online application, submit official high school transcripts and the official SAT or ACT

Degree Outcomes: The Bachelor of Business Administration in International Business is designed to help students work in areas such as international trade and business, international finance, international marketing, and cross-cultural global management.

12. Schiller International University


In 1964, Schiller International University was originally founded in Germany as a study abroad opportunity for Americans. In 1991, the university opened its campuses in Florida and then in other parts of the world such as Paris, Madrid and London. The academic offering at this small university is centered on management or business. These include international trade, business administration, international relations and diplomacy, hospitality and tourism management, and information technology management. Get a Bachelor of Science in International Business degree completely online. All students are required to earn 120 credits and can transfer to any campus worldwide if they wish.

Campus and Site: Largo, Florida

Accreditation: Accreditation Council for Independent Colleges and Schools

Typical courses:

Introduction to sustainable development
multinational companies
Entrepreneurship and new ventures
Tuition fees and expenses:

$ 590 per credit hour
The registration fee is $ 20
Type of Assistance: University Scholarships, Federal Grants, Private Loans, Veterans Affairs Education Benefits

Acceptance rate: open reception

Registration Requirements:

Application form and registration agreement completed and signed
High school diploma or transcript
GED or proof of high school graduation (secondary education)
Degree Outcomes: This program is designed to help students achieve their goals in advancing careers or prepare students with appropriate international management decisions and strategies.

13. Davenport University


Davenport University was founded in 1866 to offer courses in bookkeeping, calligraphy, business law and accounting. Currently, it offers a wide range of professionals working through its online campus. One of these options is the Bachelor of Business Administration in International Business. In addition to courses at Business Foundations, students are required to choose one of the International Management courses: Study Abroad, Study Abroad or International Training in Business Administration (BBA). Students can take this on campus or online. The selection or plan of the degree is fully facilitated by the faculty, allowing students to create more meaningful career paths

Campus and Site: Grand Rapids, Michigan

Accreditation: Higher Education Commission

Typical courses:

Commercial research
World Culture: Choosing a Country or Culture
Globalization and Global Diversity
Tuition fees and expenses:

$ 741 per credit hour (Michigan residents)
Net $ 495 per credit hour (non-Michigan residents)
Types of assistance: federal grants, government grants and scholarships, university and foreign scholarships, and student loans

Acceptance Rate: 82%

Entry requirements: Online application, official high school or GED transcripts, and SAT / ACT scores

Degree Outcomes: Graduates are prepared to seek professionals in a global environment and are able to apply acquired critical thinking and decision-making skills required especially in international trade, international relations and financial policy.

14. Golden Gate University

Golden Gate University

Golden Gate University has a history of educating adult students as the first law school in California. Currently, they have more than 30 online programs that include a Bachelor of Science in Business with a specialist focus in International Business. Golden Gate University is career-oriented. Accordingly, students graduate through connections with business professionals, and their faculty is made up of professionals ready to tutor beginners and budding entrepreneurs. This program is offered online, on campus, or in a mixed format.

Campuses and Locations: San Francisco, Seattle, and Silicon Valley

Accreditation: Western Association of Schools and Colleges (WASC)

Typical courses:

A guided study in management
International Banking and Finance
Basic import / export
Tuition fees and expenses:

$ 660 per study unit
$ 55 registration fee
Types of Assistance: Federal and Government Assistance, Grants and Grants, and Veterans Benefits

Admission requirements: Applicants must submit an admission application form and official academic transcripts.

Degree Outcomes: Graduates of this program have the necessary knowledge to demonstrate ethical decision-making and communication skills, develop practices and policies, and apply analytical techniques and information on research tools in dealing with complex business problems.

15. Linfield College


Linfield College is a comprehensive four-year private college founded in 1858. Linfield College offers educational opportunities to develop adult learners already operating in a global market, and its programs are designed primarily for students who wish to further their education. The bachelor’s degree program in International Business focuses on advanced degree programs such as Financial Management and students are required to take this course only from Linfield. All students are provided online with the help of a comprehensive library, academic advisors and teaching services.

Campus and Website: McMinnville, Oregon

Accreditation: Northwest Commission for Colleges and Universities

Typical courses:

International Economics
Organizational behavior and management
Learn to be independent
Tuition fees and expenses:

$ 11,880 tuition fees for the full-time academic year
$ 420 online fees for the full-time academic year
$ 50 non-refundable application fee
Types of assistance: federal and state assistance, grants, loans, and on-campus work

Acceptance Rate: 81%

Admission requirements: Prospective students must complete the application form and submit official transcripts.

Degree Outcomes: Graduates from the major in International Business are easily employed in multinational companies, international and environmental aid organizations, and companies in foreign trade.

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16. Post University

Post University has grown from offering courses in written, bookkeeping, and business writing to offering degree programs in engineering, pre-health, pre-law, and business that are ideal for non-traditional students or professionals who wish to pursue and obtain advanced degrees. education. Post University offers flexible programs to study online or on campus. One of the affordable programs is Business Administration where students can major in 11 majors including International Business Management. The curriculum consists of 120 credit hours. This requires a writing course and a capstone project to complete.

Campus and Site: Waterbury, Connecticut

Accreditation: New England Association of Schools and Colleges

Typical courses:

Administrative Communications
Malcolm Baldrej’s Quality Standards
International Business Law
Tuition fees and expenses:

$ 570 per credit hour – tuition fees
$ 50 technical fee
The electronic course material costs $ 90 USD
$ 40 registration fee
Types of assistance: federal and state assistance, private student loans, scholarships, and military allowances

Acceptance Rate: 63%

Admission requirements: Applicants must submit a complete admission application, proof of high school graduation, or equivalent, and participate in the admissions interview.

Degree Outcomes: Graduates will possess the teamwork and interpersonal communication skills needed in business analytics and problem solving in a global business perspective and be able to present and apply theoretical foundations gained in this competitive global environment.

17. Arizona State University


Arizona State University, an urban research institute, has enrolled in over 100,000 students and prides itself on its continued success in research and discovery. It offers more than 350 programs through 16 colleges and schools. One of the online programs for undergraduates is the Bachelor of Arts in Business with a major in Global Leadership. This program is aimed at students seeking knowledge of business practices and strategies that produce effective leadership in multinational organizations. It requires 120 credit hours and students can take 7.5 weeks per semester.

Universities and locations: Tempe, Downtown Phoenix, Lake Havasu City, Mesa, and Glendale, Arizona

Accreditation: Higher Education Commission

Typical courses:

Ministry of General Culture
International political economy
Global Supply Chain Management
Tuition fees and expenses:

$ 705 Per Credit – Tuition Fees
$ 70 registration fee
Types of Assistance: Scholarships, Grants, Federal Employment Studies, Loans, and External Resources

Acceptance Rate: 84%

Entry requirements: Applicants must complete an online application, must hold a high school diploma, submit official transcripts and ACT / SAT scores.

Degree Outcomes: Students who complete the program have career paths in Operations Management, Department of Transportation, Department of Organizational Affairs, and Department of Social and Community Services.

18. Bellevue University


Bellevue University is a private, not-for-profit academic institution that first emerged in 1966. The university conducts its programs and attracts a diverse group of students, both at undergraduate and postgraduate levels. With our BA in Business Administration with a focus on International Management, you can equip yourself with the skills needed for real-world business by studying accounting, marketing, organizational behavior, economics and other business applications. It is an interactive program that helps students formulate appropriate communication strategies and analyze applicable managerial decision making.

Campus and Website: Bellevue, Nebraska

Accreditation: Higher Education Commission

Typical courses:

Financial broker
Managing operations in a changing economy
International Consumer Behavior
Tuition fees and expenses:

$ 415 per credit hour
$ 50 one-time registration fee
Types of Assistance: Federal and State Scholarships, Grants, Loans, and Work Study Programs

Acceptance rate: open reception

Admission requirements: Applicants must submit an application for admission, which is an official document for completing high school

Degree Outcomes: Business administration graduates who specialize in International Business programs have potential careers in business and financial operations, management services management and even in secondary education teaching.

19. Salem University


A university founded in 1888 by the Seventh Day Baptist Church, Salem University continues to contribute to the educational experience for students and online learners from other countries. Offers a variety of programs including managing online businesses with a focus on international business. It is aimed at students who wish to gain a greater understanding of international business relations and policies affecting global markets. It is also ideal for exploring and solving challenges in the business decision-making process from a global perspective. This program is offered on campus, online, or through a mixed approach with classes lasting four weeks. It aims to enable busy professionals to earn a baccalaureate degree.

Campus and Site: Salem, West Virginia

Accreditation: Higher Education Commission

Typical courses:

International finance and banking
Human Resource Management
International marketing
Tuition fees and expenses:

$ 64,600 for four-year tuition and fees
$ 20 non-refundable application fee
Types of assistance: federal grants, government grants, and student loans

Acceptance rate: open reception

Entry requirements: Applicants must obtain an application form from the office or online and must submit it

Certificate Results: Students who complete this program have the opportunity to work in the areas of Industrial Production Management, Mutual Fund Management, Wind Energy Management, Security Management and many more.



Part of the most comprehensive public order in Louisiana, Northwestern State University in Louisiana is a university that opened in 1884 as a regular school and later expanded its program and gained general university status. NSU has a wide range of programs across 19 academic departments. One of NSU’s online degree offerings is the Bachelor of Science in Business Administration with a concentration in International Business. This program challenges students to engage and demonstrate the value of diversity in a global business environment. In total, 120 credits are required to complete this program. Students should note that during the fall and spring semesters, courses take place in 8-week sessions whereas in summer, courses run in 4 or 8 weeks.

Campus and Website: Nachettoch, Louisiana

Accreditation: Association of Colleges and Schools Commission of the South

Typical courses:

Constitutional Law
Employment law
Commercial agency
Tuition fees and expenses:

$ 375 per 12 credit hour; $ 100 per credit hour after that
$ 20.00 registration fee
Types of Assistance: Fee Waivers, Tuition Waivers, Federal and State Grants, Loans, and Government Scholarships

Acceptance rate: 80%

Admission requirements: Applicants must submit an application for admission, provide proof of vaccination / exemption form application, send a copy of the Selective Service Enrollment Card, or send a transcript (high school or other college), GED, ACT, SAT or Accuplacer Score.

Degree Output: A Bachelor of Science in Business Administration with a focus on International Business prepares graduates for entry-level management positions and lucrative careers in corporate financial management, foreign market analysis, international business development management and more.

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