Vallarta Weekly Ad 10/4/23 – 10/10/23 Preview

Hi guys, Today new Vallarta Weekly Ad 10/4/23 – 10/10/23 Preview has been published. The latest sale of Vallarta supermarket weekly ad October 4 – 10, 2023 can help you save money on shopping with regular items like Fresh Berries! Strawberries $4, Chicken Drumsticks $89 c, Fresh Bone-in Beef Chuck Steak Or Roast, Extra Large Mangos, Queso Fresco Casero Or Cremoso, Vallarta Sonora Style Flour Tortillas and Thrifty Ice cream.

Buy for trail, mix, sandwich, bags, peanut, butter, cups, stuffers, tuna, pouches, roast, coffee, ramen, noodles, velveeta, shells, and cinnamon from Vallarta weekly ad.

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Here vallarta supermarket weekly ad valid from 10/4/23 – 10/10/23.

Vallarta Weekly Ad 10/4/23 – 10/10/23 Preview

The new Vallarta weekly ad preview circular is here and you can see every page now on!

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Here’s a selection of some of vallarta supermarket weekly ad sale (8/23 – 8/29). Check out some of our highlights below, complete with prices.

  1. Fresh Berries! Strawberries 2/$4.
  2. Chicken Drumsticks $89 c.
  3. Fresh Bone-in Beef Chuck Steak Or Roast $4.49 .
  4. Extra Large Mangos $79 c.
  5. Queso Fresco Casero Or Cremoso $3.99 lb.
  6.  And More.

Snack deals for vallarta supermarket weekly ad including Huevos Al Gusto With Rice & Beans $8.99, Aguas Frescas $9.99, Pastel De Elote $12.99, Mini Palmiers Or Mini Orejas $5.99, Tres Leches Nino Fresa $$.99, Vallarta Gorditas Tortillas $2.79, And Vallarta Premium Tortilla Chips $3.99.

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Fruits for vallarta supermarket weekly ad including Whole Seedless Watermelon $59 c, Red or Green Seedless Grapes $1.99 lb, Iceberg Lettuce $99 c, Fresh Red Cherries $2.99 lb, Green Cactus Pear 2/$1, White Onions $69 c, and Mandarins $4.99.

And There’s the latest Sale For Meat also for the vallarta supermarket weekly ad included Fresh Bonelees Skinless Thin Sliced Chicken Breast Fillet $3.49 lb, Peeled Shrimp $7.99 lb, Fresh Pork Spareribs $3.49 lb, Fresh Diced And Marinated Beef Carne Asada Taco Meat $4.99,Beef Shank $3.29 lb and Chicken Leg Meat $2.69 lb.

As additional information vallarta weekly ad starts July 26 and expires on August 1. So don’t miss out this week’s deals offer from vallarta supermarket weekly ad store 8/23 – 8/29.